Lecture by Massad Ayoob

Massad F. Ayoob is an internationally-known firearms and self-defense instructor. Starting in 1974 as director of the Lethal Force Institute in Concord, NH, he has taught police and civilian self-defense techniques to both law enforcement officers and private citizens worldwide. He now heads the Massad Ayoob Group, through which he continues to teach.

In Handling the Immediate Aftermath of a Self-Defense Shooting, Ayoob addresses–

  • Interacting with responding officers
  • The duties of police and how that might conflict with your immediate concerns
  • How provide an accurate report  in spite of pressure
  • Understanding stress-induced altered perceptions.

Ayoob's 5 Point Post-Incident Check List addresses key danger areas, starting with his advice to establish the active dynamic, as he discusses in this excerpt.


Ayoob argues against the common advice to refuse to speak to police at the scene, explaining–

  • Why this bad advice came about
  • Why the myth persists
  • Who that advice actually applies to; to whom it does not apply.

“If you don’t tell your story, your story won’t get told until trial,” he explains in this excerpt.

Live audience Q & A with Massad Ayoob concludes this interesting lecture. For previews of the other member education lectures, click here.