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If pushed by the prosecution, you end up needing to put on a whole legal case, and then if the case is not dismissed by the judge, you need to do it all again for the criminal trial!

And, here is probably the worst part: the prosecution ends up seeing all of your case before the trial. They see the strength of your experts and can then craft cross examination to weaken your arguments at trial. They also see your legal team’s cross examination as it attempts to dismantle their experts and investigators. 

Other Zimmerman News

 Since the last time I discussed this case, we have seen a few substantial legal decisions. First, Zimmerman moved to have the second judge (Kenneth R. Lester, Jr.) on the case recuse himself, due to an obvious bias against Zimmerman. The judge declined, at which time Zimmerman appealed that decision, and the Florida appellate court agreed that Judge Lester needs to go. The appellate court said, in part: “A motion is legally sufficient if it alleges facts that would create in a reasonably prudent person a well-founded fear of not receiving a fair and impartial trial.” In other words, the appellate court agreed that Zimmerman’s fear of not receiving a fair and impartial trial was well-founded.

The next important step in the case for the Zimmerman legal team is the discovery process. They have filed several motions to compel the state to produce their evidence. They contend the State of Florida is not sharing all its information, including evidence that would help prove Zimmerman’s innocence. One of the motions is also to subpoena the records from Twitter, Facebook and T-Mobile. I just talked about this issue recently when I filmed the next season of Best Defense TV show. Anymore, it is standard operating procedure to get these records, both on the prosecution side, and also on the defense side (if applicable). Please, Network members, be careful what you post online, tweet and text.

If you say stupid things, it may come back and haunt you.

Another item of importance in the case is the State of Florida’s attempt to stifle the defense’s free speech regarding the case. In other words, after blanketing the Florida landscape (and tainting the jury pool) with their message against George Zimmerman, they now want to stop public discussion disputing the racial accusations and other charges against Zimmerman. At this writing, the court has not ruled on this request. So, now you are up to date (sort of). I left out a lot of minor motions and other legal maneuvers. We will continue to watch the case and bring you updates when logical.

Election Narrows

 Wow, what a difference a month makes! As you recall, last month I wrote about the upcoming ammunition and hi-cap magazine scare which I foresaw, based on the polling numbers in the upcoming election. At that time, Obama was ahead of Romney in just about all the swing state polls, and I was very concerned about an October surprise. Now, after 3 debates and just days before the election, I am cautiously optimistic that we gun owners might avoid a decade or two of an anti-gun Supreme Court rulings.

I don’t like mixing politics and the Network, and if it weren’t for the implications on our armed lifestyle, I would avoid it all costs. But, reality dictates otherwise. Here in the Pacific Northwest, I haven’t seen a run at all on ammo or guns, and that is good. But having lived through the 1987 run on guns and ammo, the 1994 run on guns and ammo, and the 2009 run on guns and ammo, I remain a pessimist. I will keep a close eye on what happens election night, and plan on taking the day off Wednesday, Nov. 7th and doing some emergency purchasing, as the run will surely start the day after the election, if Romney loses.

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