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Several people who were watching this conversation on Facebook chimed in, and I was one of them. I said, “The assault weapons ban has nothing to do with machine guns. In fact, a lot of the bans were just on cosmetic things.” Then nine or ten people chimed in with different facts, and she may have been educated right there on Facebook by that little conversation.

eJournal: You and the others were able to put forward the facts with such immediacy as to make a difference, if not with her, maybe with others who read the exchange. So to get back to perceptions of vulnerability, I’m curious if being more aware of violent crime has somewhat diminished the youthful attitude of invulnerability.

Gresham: We are aware of crime and get news alerts. I think that is building a little more awareness in general. That is not just for the younger generation, either. On talk radio, which is live and weekly, we get immediate feedback from a lot of folks who are buying their first guns and they are in their 50s, 60s, and 70s. They are worried about the state of the world. They want to be able to protect themselves. I think the 24-hour news cycle contributes to that, as well.

eJournal: In addition, I think some of the edutainment programs introducing guns make a difference. I was amazed at the variety of video topics I saw on your YouTube presentations alone, and then there is Guns & Gear on the Pursuit channel, too. I was checking out your YouTube videos ( and it seems that anyone watching and listening to your articulate descriptions of one gun or another or of shooting skills and why they are important, would realize the value of owning a firearm and being skilled in its use.

Gresham: Well, thanks. You know, making this kind of television is always a balance because we have to make it entertaining, fun and informative. Something that we try to do in all of our shows, is that we try not to talk over the viewer’s head.

We don’t want to talk to anybody like they’re dumb, but at the same time, so much of the gun media assumes that you have been shooting for ten years and they start from that knowledge base. We try to never make that assumption. I don’t mind learning things on camera! I have no pride and I don’t get worked up about looking cool on camera.

eJournal: But you learn a lot and through watching you learn, the rest of us learn.

Gresham: Exactly, and that’s my approach. I don’t mind being the student on camera. It is funny–even though I know the material that we’re teaching, I still learn stuff myself.

eJournal: When we teach we learn! Where can our readers watch some of your work on video?

Gresham: The best places are and just type in GunTalk TV to You Tube, we have a bunch of videos there. That is probably the universal way to see everything, since YouTube is the best distribution channel for videos on line. You can find our TV shows on the Pursuit Channel and NBC Sports. They run third and fourth quarter. During first and second quarter viewers say, “Where did you go?” Well, we’re out filming the shows that will be on third and fourth quarter [laughs].

eJournal: Yes, but we want the programming all the time! Well, that’s the nice thing about YouTube–we can go check out back programs.

Gresham: That’s the nice thing about online video, they are pretty much there forever, so far as we know.

eJournal: I think you’re probably right! Well, Ryan, this has been very educational, and I thank you for giving us a look into how our younger armed citizens are getting information and what some of their needs may be. We look forward to following your work for years to come! 

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