Editor’s Notebook

by Gila Hayes

It is with a sense of relief that I format the final page of this month’s journal. We worked awfully long hours during November getting the 2014 educational premium, the book Deadly Force, out to all of our members, then, of course, getting caught up on the back log that built up while we were in the shipping room packaging, addressing and sorting the books for a bulk mailing.

Several gracious emails and phone calls I’ve received recently fall under the heading of “Makes It All Worthwhile.” Network members are very impressed with Massad Ayoob’s book, Deadly Force. An affiliated instructor in MN wrote that she was so impressed with it that she thought we should have asked members to contribute half of the book’s list price as she would happily have done so. Another instructor sent “a huge thank you for the Deadly Force book by Massad Ayoob. I just finished my first reading of it, and truly, it was A PAGE TURNER! I love Mas’ teaching/writing style, and have read a number of his books. He truly knocks it out of the ballpark with this one!! Perfectly and concisely written to communicate with ‘laymen’ who may not be immersed in legal language. Wow.

“I actually interrupted another book I am reading, Marc MacYoung's In The Name of Self Defense; What it Costs, When it’s Worth It when Mas’ book arrived, because I cracked it open and started reading, and just couldn’t stop!”

"I wish I could make this book required reading for all my students, as many of the topics covered in the book are discussed in my classes” she concluded.

Another member wrote, “Just wanted to express my thanks to you and Marty for the Deadly Force book by Massad Ayoob. It arrived in yesterday’s mail and I can’t wait to dive into it. You guys are doing a great job and I continue to encourage my friends to join the ACLDN.”

Thank you for the encouragement, and thank you to all the rest of our members who confirmed that the books are being delivered. I am also so pleased with the studious attitudes expressed by our members. These are armed citizens who take their responsibilities very seriously and spend time studying and absorbing critical knowledge about when, how and why we may use force justifiably to defend ourselves—time that others might spend in front of the TV! Our members are the best!

I traveled out of state to visit family for a few days as soon as the last books were taken to the Post Office, and knowing that there would be a free evening or two, took along a couple of educational DVDs a production company had recently provided for my review. I’m always pleased when solid educational materials come out so I can urge our members to continue to learn, practice and increase their defense skills.

On the last night before we got home, I popped a DVD about concealed carry into the DVD player, prepared to take notes, and on the strength of the presenter’s reputation was ready to learn a thing or two and come away with a good DVD review for our journal. Initially, only the gun muzzle control was sloppy. Several times, I wished the presenter had chosen to demonstrate with Ring’s Blue Guns or similar castings.