Member Questions and Comments

Calling From Jail

I made contact with a local attorney and have his phone number in my cell phone directory. This brings up a question. Sad to say, I have never been arrested. Therefore, my jail experience is non-existent. Would I have access to my cell phone to make my “one call?” From watching TV, I would guess not but I don’t know for sure. If not, I would also conjecture that I probably wouldn’t be able to retrieve his business card from my wallet? What to do? I guess, memorize his name?

–Hank in FL

We respond—
While it is true you will be separated from your wallet and/or cell phone upon arrest, at booking in the jail, it is reasonable to assume that you will have access to the attorney’s phone number in that wallet or cell phone. But the safe bet is to also have educated a “trusted other” to whom you have given that number, and have them make the call for you.

–Marty Hayes

 Warning Against Gun Joke Signs

The article by Mr. Ayoob about firearm shirts, signs and stickers was spot on good advice. It addressed the exact concerns I had written to you about.

As a follow up, just being a member of an organization like ours, or even having an attorney on retainer, could be used against us in court. I look at it like having a fire extinguisher in my home doesn’t make me a future arsonist. Keep up the outstanding work and I pray I never need your help.

–Michael in FL

I just read the article from Mas Ayoob about funny pro gun signs. I was looking for a recommendation whether we should put away or get rid of those signs. I have many signs, however I keep them in my garage where I do my reloading. Would it be a good idea not to display them? 

–Henry in NY

We respond—
Over the years, I’ve been given a few of those funny signs as gifts, too. Like Mas and his vicious dog signs, I get rid of them as soon as I can. I don’t want them on our premises to be discovered. I don’t want them in the garage or loading room, or anywhere that a search warrant is likely to be executed.

That’s our viewpoint–we simply find it best to eliminate unnecessary things a prosecutor may use to confuse a judge or jury. As Massad Ayoob explained in the discussion about gun books and magazines, there will be plenty of gun-centric material in most of our homes. We can explain the legitimate, educational and informational materials. We can probably explain posters with the language of the 2nd Amendment and patriotic messages. We will have a much harder time explaining aggressive slogans that joke about hurting or killing people.

The individual Network member has to make his or her own decision, of course. Articles like this one from Massad are intended to help you be aware of problem areas before trouble strikes.

–Gila Hayes

Audio Recording a Shooting Scene

There have been a lot of YouTube videos showing encounters with police officers during traffic stops, etc.