Until about five years ago the 23L was my daily carry gun, but I was seduced by the 1911 by friend and colleague Chuck Taylor. I’ve been having an affair with John Browning’s best design for the last five years. I believe that the human body best responds under stress with whatever tool it’s been using. Since I am back to competing with a Glock, I had to make the total switch and carry one, too.

Ammo Shortage Continues

Last month, I showed you a picture of my local gun shop’s handgun ammo shelves. Yesterday when I checked, they had nothing more than ten boxes of 10mm Auto ammunition. That was all! When I spoke with the clerk, he suggested mining the lead and copper from ranges, smelt it into usable material, get it to the bullet manufacturer, and into the supply line. No doubt the supply chain has dried up and no one knows when it will be restored.

I just talked to a friend in the ammo business who did not know when the current crisis will end. Last October, I recommended that you buy ammunition before the election. I now recommend waiting to buy ammo unless you absolutely need it. Let’s let whatever meager supplies are available go to those who really need ammunition, not be sucked up by hoarders. As prescient as I was regarding this coming shortage, I feel just as strongly that the supply chain will fill back up again pretty soon if we all just relax a little.

Boycotting the Government

In response to recent changes in liberal states’ laws regarding the right to keep and bear arms for self defense, several gun manufacturers and suppliers have indicated they will stop shipping product to these states. More will follow as the momentum builds. This is a natural reaction to the passage of unconstitutional laws, such as New York’s recent ban on most semi-auto handguns and a reaction I fully support.

In addition to New York, gun bans are also being either passed or contemplated in California, Colorado and my home state of Washington. I have strong views on this, which I try to keep under control.

I will comment on what is likely to happen if these laws, or a national assault weapons ban, takes effect. I call it the Law of Unintended Consequences. In a state where such draconian laws are passed, what will happen if the industry simply quits supplying ammunition, guns and accessories to government agencies? Here is my rationale: if we, the lawful, constitutional gun owners of America do not want to help government agencies enforce unconstitutional gun bans, why would we sell them the instruments they would use to enforce unconstitutional laws?

Next, what about places to train? Most law enforcement agencies do not own their own gun ranges, conducting their training instead at gun clubs and private ranges. The income from law enforcement agency range use is typically a drop in the bucket for most ranges. What would happen if ranges shut their doors to local law enforcement? I own a gun range, The Firearms Academy of Seattle, Inc. If Washington State passes laws infringing on the rights of law abiding gun owners and substantially affects our gun rights, I will cancel/rescind the dozen or so range use contracts with local government agencies. I urge others similarly situated to join me.

I will also strongly support with my purchasing dollars companies that have taken this righteous stand, who also refuse to do business with states that have passed unconstitutional laws. The situation highlights a problem in our industry, mostly from ammunition manufacturers, who supply government contracts, as well as the private sector. Many large companies are owned by stock holders, who deserve profitability and returns on their investments. These manufacturers are likely not in a position to support boycotts and I understand. I ask you to understand that I am specifically not calling for a boycott of ammo companies who service government contracts. These circumstances can, however, create opportunities for smaller companies that want to cater to the private sector and really enhance their standing in the gun community.

That’s all I have for this month. Let’s all take a deep breath and if you are a praying individual, say a prayer or two for the continued survival of this great nation.

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