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The Biden Protocol

Marty-eJournal column pixby Marty Hayes, J.D.

Recently Vice President Joe Biden was discussing home defense with Parent’s Magazine readers when he was asked about gun control. He stated:

“If you want to protect yourself, get a double-barreled shotgun,” he said. “Have the shells of a 12-gauge shotgun and I promise you — as I told my wife, ‘Jill, if there is ever a problem, just walk out on the balcony here, walk out, put that double barreled shotgun and fire two blasts outside the house. I promise you whoever is coming in is not going to.’”

According to news accounts he implied that a double-barreled shotgun was more effective than an AR-15, because the AR-15 “is harder to aim; it is harder to use. … Buy a shotgun,” he advised.

Allow me to address the VP’s remarks directly.

“Well, Joe, let me discuss for a moment why your advice, to put it politely, misses the target.

“First off, I imagine everyone in your neighborhood knows you and Jill and where you live, and now everyone knows your self-defense strategy. They know you have counseled your wife to grab the double barrel and fire two shots out the window. Then what, Joe? You say the thugs will run off, but what if they don’t? Why should they, knowing that your wife is now holding an empty shotgun as her means of protection? I hope you have taught her how to reload that duck gun quickly.

“And, what about the consequences of firing a gun off into the neighborhood? Are you really that reckless? Where do the pellets land, Joe? Or don’t you care?

“And about the claim a double-barreled shotgun is easier to shoot than an AR-15 rifle. Oh, please!

Sure, the AR-15 is a little more complicated, but you and the Pres just authorized mothers, wives, girlfriends and daughters to go into combat armed with the military equivalent M-4 rifle.Surely your wife, too, is smart enough to learn how to shoot an AR-15! And what about the recoil? I actually teach both weapon platforms and know the AR-15 is MUCH easier on the shoulder than a double barrel shotgun. Much easier.

“Tell you what, Joe, in contradiction to your apparent beliefs about Jill’s mental acuity (I think you’re wrong–from what I have seen of her she strikes me as a pretty sharp lady), I would be happy to teach her and the rest of the wives in your neighborhood how to use AR-15s for home defense.”

On the other hand though, we now have no less of an authority than the Vice-President of the United States of America advocating reckless warning shots. Can we now call the reckless firing of a warning shot or two “The Biden Protocol?”

RangeMaster Tactical Conference Underway

At this moment, Tom Given’s annual tactical conference is underway, and I am attending as a presenter again, after a year’s absence. Readers who took part in the 2011 conference in Tulsa remember helping me film for a Network DVD. We still plan to do that program, but we put it on the back burner when other priorities took over our time. I hope to work on it this summer, and perhaps we can get it completed before 2014. In the meantime we have the eighth DVD coming out later this summer that deals with legal issues surrounding use of non-lethal force in self defense.

Back to the present: the RangeMaster conference is a gathering of some of the top minds in the industry and attending always re-charges my batteries. This year, I will be shooting my old standby gun, my Glock 23L. 23L? Yes, a Glock 22 which has been chopped to take Glock 23 magazines, and then slimmed to fit my hand better, a modification I made over 15 years ago.