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I would recommend calling the attorney’s office and set up an appointment. Some attorneys charge a consultation fee, others (including myself) do not.

I also recommend e-mailing questions. It allows the attorney to reflect on the question before answering.

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My secretary knows that she is to schedule appointments for people calling with gun rights questions including self-defense issues. Consequently, I haven’t had any issues with scheduling Network members for a consultation regarding gun rights issues.

When calling an attorney related to a gun rights consultation, my suggestion is that Network members advise the attorney or his/her secretary of the following:

1. He/she got the lawyer’s name from the Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Network.

2. Ask if the lawyer does criminal defense work and specifically gun rights defense.

3. Ask if the attorney is willing to be placed on a retainer for potential self-defense issues.

4. Ask for an in office consultation with the attorney related to self-defense issues.

5. Advise the secretary or attorney that he/she is willing to pay a reasonable consultation fee.

This information should be more than enough for an attorney who is interested in defending people in gun rights defenses to schedule an appointment with the client.

The above information should be included for consultation on other gun rights issues such as criminal charges arising out of failure to follow state statutory conceal carry requirements, possessing a weapon under disability, expunging criminal records, etc.

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