Beware of attorneys that have no experience in this area. Beware of attorneys that have no experience with firearms and do not know a revolver from a semi-automatic pistol. A good attorney has competent experts at his/her disposal in the field of ballistics, tool mark examination, medical issues, drug and alcohol issues and use of deadly force types.

Sometimes it is prudent to have your personal attorney associate with the more experienced attorney so that your personal attorney can keep you informed locally, if you are trying a case outside of your hometown.

Good places to look for referrals would be through the Best Lawyers in America or the American College of Trial Lawyers.

These individuals have been vetted by objective outside criteria and have been deemed extremely competent by others in the field.

Be sure to look past the claims of an attorney’s website. These promotional sites are put together to advertise and get business for the firm. The claims on these sites need to be checked out.

I would use the same care and effort in choosing an attorney in a case of this nature as I would for a surgeon in an important time of medical need in my family. All the due diligence possible should be used in making the selection. If, early on, you realize you have chosen the wrong attorney, you should get out of that situation as soon as possible and seek new counsel.

Richard H. Seaton, Jr.
Seaton, Seaton & Gillespie, LLC
410 Humboldt, Manhattan, KS 66505
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Easy, at least in my office. Tell the person you were referred by ACLDN and leave a message. Either my staff will then call you back to make an appointment or I will do it personally, usually within 24 hours.

William J. Powell
Jackson Kelly PLLC
310 W. Burke St., Martinsburg, WV 25401
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Go to the reputable firearms dealer in your area. I expect they have had to deal with an attorney or two on firearms issues. I volunteered to teach a class on self-defense law, the dealer provided some space, and the interest was overwhelming.

Those who came learned something and could get a recommendation on lawyers who were knowledgeable in that area of the law. The dealer benefited by having a good many people in the store, several who bought merchandise while they were there.

Morgan Allison
Allison & Allison
7836 Park Ave., Houma, LA 70364
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It seems to me that if you call and ask for an appointment, you should get one. If you can’t, then you might consider finding another attorney. If an attorney won’t return your calls from the beginning, then you can’t count on him to do so when the chips are down.

The attorney might charge for the appointment, so be aware of that. Their reluctance to return calls or set appointments may be because they are assuming you want a free office visit. Ask about a consultation fee when you call just to get that issue out of the way.

My personal policy is never to charge for that kind of initial visit. I consider it a “marketing expense.” But, other attorneys are different and always charge for every meeting.