Conversely, the actual evidence fit hand in glove with the account the armed citizen gave to police the night of the shooting: an extremely violent, unprovoked attack by a man whose physical disparity of force was so great it was the equivalent of a deadly weapon, which authorized the defendant to use a per se lethal weapon in self defense.

On the afternoon of Friday, February 8, the jury deliberated for some three hours and returned a verdict of Not Guilty. A man who would have been remanded to prison and, under the laws of that jurisdiction, would have died there, instead went home to his wife and his two young boys as a free man with a clean criminal record. Defense attorney Brian Abraham had done a brilliant job of bringing Truth to the courtroom, with Justice resulting.

Neither attorney Abraham nor his client were members of ACLDN. Fortunately, the expert witness he retained was a member, and that allowed extremely fast emergency access to the ACLDN think tank to get the critical information into court, into the record, and in front of the jury in time to save an innocent man.

This is one of the many reasons I am active with the Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network…and it is why I say now:

Thank you, ACLDN!

Editor’s Note: Massad Ayoob has generously provided considerable support to the Network, so it is a pleasure to have been able to assist him in return. In addition, our Network President Marty Hayes, contacted and recruited Attorney Brian Abraham, who is now our newest Network Affiliated Attorney in West Virginia, so our members in The Mountain State have another good attorney to whom they can turn.

Letters from Network Members

As intended, Network President Marty Hayes’ lead article in the February edition of this journal stirred up a lot of commentary.

While we received a number of comments from folks who are not Network members, since this journal is dedicated to our membership, we will use the comments our members submitted as discussion points. Here are some of our member’s thoughts on the topic—

Great article Marty, Thanks!

Another bit of info supporting citizens’ need to own semi-autos and/or multi-round magazines…law enforcement does their best to “respond” to an incident in a timely manner, but as facts have shown, most violent acts are well over by the time police arrive on scene!

We should never lose our right of suitable self-protection.

Thanks again,
Tom in Oregon


Looks like we see eye to eye. Thanks for writing.


They are NOT assault weapons! I think that if you look up the history of this term ESPECIALLY the recent history (last 20 years) this is a term coined by the left, the media, and those against the Second Amendment of the Constitution use to help demonize certain LOOKING weapons.

I do know that most people you ask to define an assault weapon (fully auto) can’t and most do not even come close! We need to stop allowing the left, the media, and those against the Second Amendment of the Constitution (don’t let them get by with being called anti gunners or similar terms that they like to be called; call them what they are!) to get away with using this term!! We need to fight this word, soften this word and put it forth for what it actually is!!

Every time a pro-Second Amendment person does an interview and the word assault weapon is used they need to correct the conversation right then and there.