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Network’s 2013 Continuing Legal Education Schedule Quadruples

We are building on 2012’s successes positioning the Network as the go-to authority for legal professionals seeking definitive information about defending self defense use of force. Based on the enthusiastic response to the Network’s first Understanding the Use of Deadly Force in Self Defense CLE seminars, we’ve scheduled eight seminars in six states this coming year.

“Experience has taught us that surviving the deadly force encounter is only the first stage of the battle necessary to vindicate the right of every American citizen to defend themselves against the violence that has been visited upon them, suddenly and without prior warning. Helping their legal counsel, as well as their self-defense instructors, law enforcement personnel and prosecutors, to understand the dynamics of the deadly force encounter and the legal process that will follow, aids in assuring that the law abiding citizen forced to take responsibility for their own safety, and the safety of others, will emerge from this very stressful experience without having been victimized by a criminal attacker or by the criminal justice system itself,” explains the Network’s director of CLE curriculum, James Fleming.

The two-day seminars cover a broad range of topics focused on issues attorneys face when defending self defense. These include the parameters that differentiate unjustifiable use of deadly force from legitimate self defense, technical subjects including firearms, ammunition and ballistics, shooting incident analysis, defending self defense carried out by means other than guns including non-lethal defenses, physiological and psychological phenomena experienced by violence survivors, distortion of witness perceptions and witness dynamics.

Jury selection issues, conducting voir dire, using and impeaching expert witnesses, ethical considerations, using demonstrative evidence, client preparation, closing arguments and presenting the affirmative defense of self defense are also taught. These are just the high points, and a lot more is covered through discussion, question and answer, lecture and multi-media presentation. Our CLE instructional team of Massad Ayoob, Marty Hayes and James Fleming has packed a lot of information into these two-day seminars.

CLE-Class 3482

For 2013, we have scheduled the following CLE seminars–
Feb. 11-12, 2013...Orlando, FL
Feb. 14-15, 2013...Miami, FL
May 13-14, 2013...Houston, TX
May 16-17, 2013...Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX
July 15-16, 2013 ...Portland, OR
July 18-19, 2013... Anchorage, AK
August 5-6, 2013...Harrisburg, PA
Nov. 11-12, 2013...Phoenix, AZ

Previous CLE grads endorsed our seminars, saying–
“One of the best CLEs ever attended. Informative and inspirational. Very lively and offered excellent real-world applications.”

“Well done! Thanks for the great printed support information and good visuals. Stories paint a picture that’s easy to remember. Lots of information–like getting a drink from a fire hose.”

By educating attorneys, these CLE seminars go far to improve the quality of legal representation available to armed citizens who must act in self defense. They’ve proven popular with attorneys, investigators and others who work in the criminal justice system, as well as firearms instructors and armed citizens educating themselves to the highest possible standard.

The Network supports its members’ educational efforts by offering 10% off seminar tuition. Network Affiliated Attorneys are strongly encouraged to attend and as full members of the Network, receive the 10% tuition discount. Non-member tuition is $400; Network members pay only $360. Full-rate registration is available at or to receive your member's discount, please call 360-978-5200.

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