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Defending Against Empty-Hand Attacks, part II of an interview with Robert A Margulies, MD: By Gila Hayes (March 2023)

Seriousness of Empty-Hand Attacks, an interview with Robert A Margulies, M.D.: by Gila Hayes (February 2023)

Back to Basics; Skill Development and Practice Interview with Karl Rehn: by Gila Hayes (January 2023)
2022 Legal Defense Fund Growth: by Gila Hayes (January 2023)

President's Message 

President's Message:  Membership Dues to Increase (March 2023)

President's Message:  Member Responses to question regarding added benefits (February 2023)

President's Message:  Network Finances, WA Insurance Commisioner Update (January 2023)

Attorney Question

Attorney Question of the Month: In your state, if a citizien uses a gun to stop an empty-hand attack, is the armed citizen routinely charged?  (March 2023)

Attorney Question of the Month:  What factors in the situation made defending the use of force difficult and what elements turned out to be your strongest arguments supporting a claim of self defense? (February 2023)

Attorney Question of the Month: Do you have personal experience with training becoming an issue in court for an armed citizen in a self-defense trial, and if so, what was the outcome? If a person has a strong training résumé, what steps would you suggest taking to keep their extensive training from creating a negative result in court? (January 2023)

Afilliate News

Self Defense Firearms Training, Attorney Robert Keating: by Gila Hayes (March 2023)

Scott Gabaldon, G4Firearms: by Gila Hayes (February 2023)

Jeff Hirschman, QC Hunting & Outdoor Sports: by: Gila Hayes (February 2023)

Jim Jacobe, Marion Training LLC: by Gila Hayes (January 2023) 

Book/DVD Reviews

Book Review:  Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life by Jason Hanson  (March 2023)

Book Review:  Unarmed and Dangerous by Jon Shane and Zoe Swenson. (February 2023)