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Get the support you need when facing the legal aftermath of using force in self defense both in the immediate aftermath and later, should you be taken to trial to defend your actions. Network membership ensures you won’t go it alone. See full description of Network membership benefits at then join or renew your membership below.

Dues Rates

New Network memberships cost $135 per year. Three-year memberships are available for $295 and 10-year memberships for $790. Renewals are discounted to $95 per year or $255 for three years or $750 for 10 years. Additional household members may be added to either new or renewing memberships for an additional $60/yr. each.

If this purchase is a gift for someone else, please provide their name and information in the "Ship To" fields, and note "Gift Membership" in the "Notes" field at the end of the order process.

Log in codes for access to members-only portions of this website will not be created until the application is processed during regular business hours. Our membership services staff will create log in accounts for the new member and email their log in codes to them. Membership cards and DVDs will be mailed to the new member 7-10 business days after the application is processed.

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Add household members to your membership at discounted dues of $60/yr. by entering their names below on this form. When paying dues, please count the number of names listed on this form [Primary Member+Household Member(s)] and enter it by using the + and - buttons next to Add to Cart. Household members must live at the same address as the Primary Member and dues for Household Members must be included in purchase.

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Applicant's Statement

By submitting this membership application, I/We attest that under the laws of the United States of America, I am not legally prohibited from possessing firearms, that I am 18 years of age or older, and that I legally reside in the United States. I understand that any grant of benefits is limited to lawful acts of self defense with no additional criminal charges (unlawful possession of concealed handgun, for example) associated with the incident.