What is the role of the Network's Legal Defense Fund?

The purpose of the Network’s Legal Defense Fund is to provide legal defense support to Network members after a self-defense incident. This support is supplied at several points along the timeline.

First, the Network will work with your chosen attorney to make sure you have immediate legal representation by forwarding an agreed upon fee deposit to the member’s attorney. This money is intended to ensure a member has legal representation immediately after an incident, and that the member's attorney can pull out all the stops in protecting the member's rights, including being with the member during contact with law enforcement, hiring a private investigator to tie down the facts of what really happened, keeping the news media away from the member and his or her family, and other services as may be needed. This benefit is subject to a review of the facts of the case as known at the time and a determination it was a legitimate act of self defense.

In addition, if the member is charged with a crime or sued in civil court, the Network provides additional funding for a vigorous defense of the member's justifiable self-defense actions. Additional defense funding is available for appeals where there are appealable issues, and retrials, as well. 

Financial Support

The Armed Citizens' Legal Defense Fund generates income from a number of essential sources, including an allocation of 25% of all Network membership dues and renewals, plus 100% of corporate donations, estate and bequest gifts, and personal contributions.

Dues Allocation

A portion is automatically deducted from each member’s dues and deposited in the Legal Defense Fund’s account.  Network members are entitled to case review by one of the Network experts and have access to contact information for Network-affiliated attorneys and expert witnesses. For this service, there is no charge beyond the Network membership fee.

Additional financial support to defray legal costs is provided to Network members after self-defense incidents that occur during their Network membership period. See https://armedcitizensnetwork.org/learn/membership-benefits for full description of Network membership benefits.

Corporate Donations

Corporate philanthropy is growing as more and more businesses see the importance of the Network’s efforts.  Some corporations in the shooting industry make financial donations to the Legal Defense Fund while others donate products or services.  These products and services are then auctioned to the highest bidder through an Internet auction service, such as GunBroker.com.  Proceeds from these sales go directly into the Fund.  The Network shares information about the company’s donation and acknowledges the contribution to Network members and others who visit the auction site.


The act of giving a dollar amount or property to the Legal Defense Fund through estate planning is an option that should be discussed with your family, attorney, and financial planner.

Personal Donations

Individuals make the difference.  Network members and friends can and do make private contributions to the Legal Defense Fund.  The Fund provides the financial resources to aid members against unmeritorious prosecution or civil law suit following a justifiable use of deadly force in self defense.

Network members share a common cause – the concept of knowledgeable armed citizens pooling resources to support one another’s legal defense.  Your personal donation will help achieve this goal.