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Good Training

Inspired by our Advisory Board of influential self-defense instructors, authors and attorneys, we strive to alert the gun-owning public to their responsibilities as armed citizens and invite them to become part of the protective Network family. Professional firearms instructors all across the nation have joined us in this mission. If you are a firearms instructor and would like to join us in this mutually-beneficial affiliation, please contact our Chief Operating Officer Gila Hayes by phone at 888-508-3404 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to learn more about affiliating with the Network.

Our Affiliates' Experiences with the Network

We surveyed our affiliated instructors to assess the value of affiliation. We would like to share some of their responses with you.

Why did you choose to become a Network Affiliated Instructor?

"I became a member because the program is simple and provides a great service to Armed Citizens across the country.  The information provided in their educational material is some of the best and presented in a manner any lay person can understand.  Anyone carrying a concealed weapon needs to have this kind of resource."

Has the Network member education program been useful to you?

"The material that I received when I first joined the Network was first-class instruction from the best in the business! The videos were actual lectures from those that knew their subject matter in-depth and were able to articulate that to the member. After the initial videos and book, I continue to receive monthly newsletters online that cover many facets of self defense. Absolutely first rate!"

How do your students react when you explain the need for post-self-defense legal assistance?

"Students are always shocked when we present the section on the possible costs of a legal defense if they are involved in a self-defense event. Eyes grow wide as students grasp the realities of the involvement of the legal system in their use of force in self defense. There is always an audible sigh of relief when we show the students how the Network can help with the aftermath. Having the Network there to help us when no one else can gives students enormous peace of mind."

What is it like working with the Network's administrative support team?

"The Network team is hands-down the most helpful and supportive group I have ever worked with. Finding the best way to work with a group of experts in any field can be daunting. Not so at the Network! The staff is always super helpful, explaining technicalities in terms that the uninitiated can understand with ease. Questions are answered in a flash, and help is always just a phone call away. I wish the rest of my life were that easy!"

What other benefits to being a Network Affiliated Instructor have you experienced?

"As an Instructor considers adding an affiliation with someone who can help students after a use of force event, there are many things to consider. Will this be a good value for my students? Can I trust this group to do what they say? Will I be embarrassed that I have affiliated with them? Will this affiliation enhance my programs, or will it just be another drain on my already limited resources?
"When you become an Affiliated Instructor with the Network, all these concerns fall away. The Network is the best value there is. The educational materials that the students receive after my course help to reinforce that I am the expert they need to train with. I can trust the Network to treat my students the way that I want them to be treated.  My affiliation with the Network sets me above all the rest in my student’s minds. 
"They get the whole package by training with me when I am an Affiliated Instructor. The Network promotional materials are the best there is. Being able to give students the educational book and a nice discount, with my personalized discount code, at no cost to me, is outstanding. I would not consider working with anyone else for my students' use of force aftermath needs."

BookletCoverCan't Affiliate? You Can Still Use our Booklet!

If you choose not to affiliate with the Network but would like complimentary copies of our Foundation's educational booklet What Every Gun Owner Needs to Know About Self Defense Law please email your name, address, and number of booklets to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . 

We Appreciate Your Interest in Affiliation!

Thank you for reading about our Network affiliation program. Please call us at 888-508-3404 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Gila Hayes if we can answer questions for you.