Armed Citizens' Legal Defense Network, Inc.
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Can you survive the legal aftermath of self defense?

Join the Network so you can access–

• Attorney and legal expenses paid after a self-defense incident, including–

–Fee deposit paid to your attorney immediately after self defense for representation during questioning and other vital defense services

–Grants of further funding for legal defense expenses after justifiable self defense if criminally charged or sued in civil court

• Education: 8 full-length lectures on DVD and a 235-page book so you know what’s justifiable, what to expect and how to best interact with the criminal justice system

• Guidance from our Advisory Board comprised of the recognized leaders in self-defense training: Massad Ayoob, John Farnam, James Fleming, Tom Givens, Emanuel Kapelsohn and Dennis Tueller, led by Network President Marty Hayes

• Access to a growing nationwide network of attorneys and legal experts. Read more here

• Monthly education and updates through our online journal

• Start your education now! Click here or on the cover (left) to download What Every Gun Owner Needs to Know About Self-Defense Law or click here for a printed copy.

Confused by all the post-incident protection plans?

Compare insurance, prepaid legal and the Network’s membership benefits by reading our Buyer's Guide.

Think it can’t happen to you?

Download our free 46-page PDF telling the story of a Tucson, AZ man, assaulted in his own driveway by three people and the trials he endured defending against criminal charges the prosecutor pursued twice. Free download available here or click the cover (to the left).

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