What is the role of the Armed Citizens' Legal Defense Fund? Print E-mail

The Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Network's Legal Defense Fund is a separate account funded by an allocation of 25% of all Network membership dues and 100% of all corporate sponsorship contributions.

The purpose of the Fund is to encourage firearms safety and education and to provide legal defense support to lawfully armed Network members who are faced with court challenges due to exercising their right to self defense. The Fund does not offer an insurance program or a prepaid legal fee service.

Network members, by virtue of their membership, are entitled to case review by one of the Network experts and have access to contact information for Network-affiliated attorneys and expert witnesses. For this service, there is no charge beyond the Network membership fee. Beyond that, distribution of monetary grants to help with legal fees is at the discretion of the Foundation’s Advisory Board, comprised of Massad Ayoob, John Farnam, James Fleming, Tom Givens, Emanuel Kapelsohn, Dennis Tueller and Network officers, Marty Hayes and Vincent Shuck, as ex officio members. (Click here for information about the Advisory Board members.)

A Network member who has been involved in a self-defense incident may request assistance by contacting the Network. The member’s attorney should outline the circumstances of the case and provide details that can be used by the Advisory Board to determine whether the Network's Fund can participate in the member's legal defense efforts. Financial assistance is available to Network members for incidents that occurred during their Network membership period.

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