Becoming a Network Affiliated Instructor

Firearms instructors all across the nation have affiliated with the Network and are giving their students free copies of our booklet "What Every Gun Owner Needs to Know About Self-Defense Law." ( In return, we extend a complimentary membership to the affiliated instructor. For a listing of current affiliates, please see
The Network's affiliation program is open to firearms instructors who are running instructional businesses with paid tuitions and regularly scheduled classes that are open to the public, and student contacts of an approximate minimum of 200 per year with whom the affiliated instructor shares the Network's educational booklet "What Every Gun Owner Needs to Know About Self-Defense Law." If you operate a for-the-public firearms instruction school and would like to affiliate with the Network, you can start that process by submitting the below form
INSTRUCTOR AFFILIATION INFORMATION: This will be listed on the Network website's Instructor Affiliate page for your state.
Address: :: U.S. Address Only
* This is a required field to assure that the applicant is operating a business and is eligible to participate in the Network as an affiliate. If you operate in an area where a business license is not required, please enter your IRS Tax ID number. This information is for affiliation eligibility only and will not be published.

Alternative Shipping Address :: We use USPS (the Postal Service)
COMPLIMENTARY MEMBERSHIPS: In addition to providing free booklets for their students, we are happy to offer affiliated instructors a complimentary Network membership, renewable each year if the instructor continues giving out the Network's booklet and brochures. Complimentary membership materials must be received at the same business address to which the booklets are shipped, but the complimentary members are encouraged to add their personal email addresses and telephone numbers to their private membership information to aid in communications between the complimentary member and the Network, as would apply in extending post-incident support to the complimentary member.
Instructor's Name :: Must be same person listed in the affiliation application above.


Are You Human? :: Not Case Sensitive
By Submitting this Form, I hereby attest that under the laws of the United States of America, I am not legally prohibited from possessing firearms, that I am 18 years of age or older, and that I legally reside in the United States. I understand that any grant of benefits is limited to lawful acts of self defense with no additional criminal charges (unlawful possession of concealed handgun, for example) associated with the incident.
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